3 Hidden Things Cleaning Professionals Look for When Home Shopping

A yellow broom with a ball of wool on the floor.

Did you know the best time to buy a house is in the late summer or fall?

As a cleaning professional, there are a few hidden things I make sure to check out when I am inspecting a home to buy. Here are 3 to keep in mind:

1. Door Jams and Window Tracks

Run your finger along the door jams and window tracks. This is an area that should not have been missed if the owners did a deep clean–and they should have in the process of getting the house ready to sell. If there is still a lot of dust or bugs, this could indicate other items in the home may not be as clean as they could be.

2. Vents and Filters

Check the vent over the range to see how dirty and grimy it is. Is there a lot of grease buildup? What about the dryer vent? Is it caked with lint? What is the condition of the furnace filters? If they are coated in dust, the rest of the house that you can’t see might not have been maintained either.

3. Scent Test

Are there any unusual smells? If any walls or floors are emitting an odor, this could be a sign of mold which can cause major problems down the line.

I hope these tips will help you find the perfect home for you and your family.