A joyful dog named Ziggy, with a shiny coat and bright eyes sitting on a bed in a gray bathroom.


Meet Ziggy, our beloved Chief Morale Officer at Right Touch Residential Cleaning! He's the heart of our team, always ready with a wagging tail and a playful spirit to brighten our day. Whether he's encouraging a game of fetch for a much-needed pause from work or simply being his charming self, Ziggy fills our workplace with laughter and joy. His presence lifts our spirits, creating a relaxed and friendly vibe that makes work feel like fun. Thanks to Ziggy, we handle every cleaning job with a smile and a wag! 🐾✨
Professional Tail Wagging Consultant: Ziggy has honed his tail-wagging skills over the years, developing an expertise in boosting morale with each enthusiastic wag. He's a seasoned pro at using his tail to spread happiness and positivity in the workplace.