A woman in a gray suit standing in a field.

Kate Jenks

I never expected to be a small business owner. My career was focused on saving endangered species. I have a Ph.D. in Wildlife & Fisheries Conservation. Prior to Right Touch, I worked at the Minnesota Zoo for nearly five years. I led research projects in the jungles of Thailand and the grassland steppes of Mongolia. I definitely got my hands dirty. I absolutely loved it! But, I got burnt out with a continuous busy, stressful lifestyle. I decided to pivot careers in 2018. I wanted to work from home and to be the one making the decisions. Additionally, I looked for a business that could help individuals balance their work and family lives. The values of Right Touch reflect my personal values. This naturally includes a strong desire to provide excellent customer service. My employees are my colleagues, not my subordinates. And of course, I respect them for their hard work and dedication to our team.
Owner since 2018